Nudges from the Universe

Just back from 48 hours in the Algarve in Portugal. A gorgeous boutique hotel, elegant old architecture was explored, the sea breeze carried the heavy scent of orange blossom and friendly people all around. I went on a boat trip through a rich ecological park of salt marshes, I had some unusual and tasty food, and drank delicious local wine. Arrived Saturday evening and left this morning. I was allowing my wanderlust and curiosity free reign, and wanted to test going abroad on my own, it has been a few years since I went abroad to a new country alone. Plus I wanted to feel warm sun on my face again. And here was the lesson for me!  

The whole of the afternoon and evening yesterday there was an unusually huge lightening and thunderstorm. I was stuck indoors, no exploring , no sun. I spent hours in a restaurant eating and drinking sheltering from the downpour. I spent the rest of my time back in my lovely hotel room watching old films listening to the rain thrash down on the roof. The ironic thing about it though was that dear old rainy cloudy Glasgow is in the middle of an unusual warm sunny spell! 

What I was looking for is already here. This what life was confirming to me. 

It’s been a strong learning theme recently, discovering that the magic resides right here in the ordinary. Yet off I went looking for it elsewhere. Stood in goodness knows how many queues in the airports, on a plane for 3 hours each way. Quite amusing. 

But on the way back I took out the iPad and started reading Adyashanti’s book ‘The End of Your World‘. It’s a book I’ve dipped into a bit the last couple of years but havnt read it continuously for any length of time as I always found it too strong a medicine. And here I was with nothing better to do, a captive audience, with no internet connection, so I read. And I can’t recommend it highly enough. Wow. This lesson of finding the beauty and bliss in the ordinary present moment rang out from the pages. Life was giving me another confirmation. So yes, I get it, I get it! Here is a page to give a flavour

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