Damn, did it Again!

Yes self sabotage.

I had a particularly good day yesterday, an old friend visited, we walked down to a restaurant for lunch, booked a holiday together and made a plan for going exploring abroad more often. I felt uplifted and excited about the future again. Then decided to have a Pimms last night, and ended up drinking way too much again and awoke with a blurry head and feeling like shit. I bit a nail down so far it hurts today. Didn’t manage my swim again. Pure self sabotage.

However isn’t it great to see it so clearly. Think I need to stop drinking, as I am not good at temperance, I have greedy tendencies! with drink, and food. More more more!

Im not going to waste too much time with the guilt and shame that are arising, I am going to get on with applying compassion and forgiveness, again. Sigh.



    1. I’m interested, so please go on working on the reasons for self sabotage; what is it exactly, how does it arise and what to do about it. Don’t give up, I’m asking because I have the same problem (without the alcohol) and want to know what to do…

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