Wednesday Gratitude


Dawn this morning.

  • I am feeling lucky, blessed and fortunate this week in particular. I have had the luxury of almost complete solitude, deep rest and freedom from responsibility. I am glad that nobody has any demands on my time this week
  • I am in the first week of my yearly ‘January penance’ after 2 weeks of delicious overindulgence in food and booze and company. I am delighted to not be drinking alcohol and notice how much better I feel. I do not wake up so much at night, in the morning I have a clear head, and I am not consuming ’empty calories’. I am eating so healthily and made chicken soup today. I am enjoying looking after myself kindly, and have already lost 2 of the pounds I put on over the festive period. Success!
  • I have been listening to Tara Brach every day a different talk and sitting on my mindfulness cushion as she goes through a guided mindfulness talk. This makes me feel restored and calm.
  • I have been staying warm and cosy indoors, and barely been going out. I feel so fortunate to be able to afford to live in a beautiful place, with a great view, in a wonderful safe area, and to have the heating on all day long.
  • I feel grateful for social media which means I get to experience company too alongside my solitude. I am thankful for the beautiful people I know on FB.
  • I feel grateful that we have work lined up for all the men for the next few months already, giving a feeling of security thriving and well being. I am glad that I have clients who want my services and that I can support many families through this work. I feel grateful that the men I have working for me are such lovely people too.
  • I am grateful for the amount of great quality material on films and series that I watch on my ipad in bed. It keeps me company and I feel less alone.
  • I am glad I have this place here to process and express myself, and I am grateful for the support of this
  • I feel grateful to my friends and family
  • Today I gave some attention to my legs and thanked them for their service to me, they have been doing so well!
  • I am grateful for the comfy clothes I have on, that keep me so cosy and dont restrict my movement
  • I love sleeping naked at night and spending as much time as possible naked, and grateful I live alone so can do this comfortably.
  • I am grateful I am able to negotiate high level deals with my clients and with much less fear than I used to. I used to reduce costs often out of this fear. Now I still feel the fear the same, but I can relax with it and accept that it is present. It doesn’t affect my behaviour so much now and I am able to charge what I feel we are and I am worth.

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