Sunday Gratitude List

I have been forgetting again, how very much there is to be thankful for. Time for a little reminder.

I am grateful for :

  • my good health
  • I am warm and cosy, thanks to this cardigan and the central heating
  • I have a beautiful view of trees
  • I live in a safe neighbourhood
  • I have access to SO much knowledge via the internet
  • I have a caring family and all in good health
  • I have a car that is reliable and comfy
  • I have a business that supports me and many others
  • I enjoy my job
  • I have a marvellous huge forested park 5 mins drive away where I can submerge myself in nature
  • I am able to comfort and soothe myself in times of stress
  • I am no longer terrorized by my thoughts
  • I have a healthy lovely son who is doing well in his life
  • I have caring interesting friends
  • I have lovely little shops nearby with friendly lovely shop keepers
  • the sun is shining right now!
  • I have a lovely phone that helps me so much each day
  • I am more at peace inside and stable that I have been in my whole life
  • I have very little adversity or drama in my life
  • I am going for a drive to the country today, nice to get out of the city
  • There is still new work coming in, even though its winter
  • My current clients are a pleasure to deal with
  • The amazing ease of communicating with people via phone, email, skype facebook etc.
  • I have a swimming pool nearby I can get to easily in the mornings
  • I have access to wonderful music and films all day long
  • I have a beautiful comfy inexpensive flat to live in
  • I have some savings now for the first time in my life and no debt
  • I have access to beautiful countryside just a few miles away
  • I have friendly caring lovely neighbours
  • I am learning new things all the time

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