Another from the Mysterious ‘Me’

This was posted today by the wise and mysterious ‘Me’ person on Facebook. Love everything they write, drink this in deep lovely people…..

“The Only Answer

It’s okay to feel disappointed and disheartened. It’s okay to stamp your foot and throw a hissy fit at what life is giving you. Have a little compassion for yourself. It’s not meant to be easy and your not supposed to collapse in a deep state of rapture every five minutes – especially when life pulls the rug out from under you and lands you flat on your face. At times like these, just be honest with yourself … it’s the only sane thing to do.

Drop all the shoulds, drop all the holier than thou bullshit and get real. It’s the only way to find peace right at the heart of the storm. Absolutely everything you feel is vital and valid; the impatience, the frustration, the need to scream blue murder, even the identity of ‘victim’. When met with your absolute honesty and given the permission to exist, these are all simply expressions of the energy of life itself moving through the stillness and the silence that you truly are. It’s when we deny or push these feelings down or worse yet, try to offload them on to some unsuspecting comrade that we run into trouble. Situations and circumstances change, as do our feelings – and they always will. But if you’re interested in discovering a beautiful meaning to that moment when you just want to smack the next happy guru you see in the face with something more substantial than a smile, you’ll start with your own honesty.

It’s all here to wake up the attention of your heart.
The only answer you’ll ever need to how you feel is “Yes”.

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