Self soothing

After writing the last post I feel a whole lot better and I thought I would write a summary post as the last one had a lot of detail about the nature of the difficulties I had this week.

So what helped me through the painful experiences –

Self Compassion This is important whenever we feel the slightest suffering from a toothache to a bereavement. When we actively feel compassion for ourselves we are helping to sooth the threat detection part of the brain and to regulate our emotions. This leads to a greater feeling of wellbeing

Remembering that we are not alone. Because we aren’t alone, there are many many people suffering in the world right now (to a greater or lesser degree than us, it doesn’t matter, it is all suffering) We all deserve compassion in suffering so feel it for yourself and for those out there also suffering.

Forgiveness Sometime our suffering is caused by ourselves and a mistake we made. We can quickly forgive ourselves and remind ourselves that it is okay to make mistakes. We did the best we could do with what we knew at the time. This goes for others too who we perceive have wronged us, they are also doing their best with what they know.

Company  Choose it wisely. Do the people around you have your wellbeing at heart or do they take more than they give.

Gratitude Feeling grateful and thankful for what we have in our lives reminds us of the abundance we have around us. It helps us to remember the support that is taking place right now to keep us safe and alive. This includes the people who look out for us, the house we live in, those who provide the food we eat. Writing a list of all we feel grateful for is a great way to boost our appreciation for what we have.

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