What I feel Grateful for today

I was feeling a need to lift my mood earlier and was feeling a bit bored and bordering on complaining, so I made this gratitude list which helped remind me of my appreciation.

Feeling grateful for/towards-
This comfy sofa and the freedom to lie on it during a ‘work’ day

My son, his robust health, his frequent wise responses and good advice, and that he has the confidence to start his own business and move to another country

The state of good health of most of those I know and care about and my own too and my increasing fitness

That I’ve discovered how to be mindful, contented and accepting in each moment (most of the time), and self compassionate.

For a warm, interesting, intelligent open minded family of unique characters, the frequent enjoyable dinners and the easy familiarity of being with them

For all the people out there helping others, from the surgeons in war zones to the litter pickers, those who looks after the old and needy, and those who are trying to use their influence to make positive change

My clients who keep this business on the road, that they pay promptly and are 99.99% lovely people to deal with

My staff who all seem happy, who work outside in all weather without complaining much  and to such a high standard and they are all lovely and unique individuals

Having a job that I enjoy and a business that is making enough to support me

For this roof over my head – it’s such a lovely room this.

The dog, who is a great companion and is showing me by example how to be more patient, how to forgive quickly, love unconditionally, deal with pain effectively, and how to use the moments like they are your last

For my comfy bed

Being able to afford to heat the place, eat what I want, wear what I want, go where I want

For the swims in the morning and that I get the pool to myself mostly, it’s is such a great way to start each day, relaxed and refreshed

For the frequent opportunities life presents for me to observe myself honestly being nasty, critical, cruel, defensive

For my ability to feel compassion for myself and to forgive myself for being nastily critical cruel and defensive!

For lovely kind, friendly, interesting neighbours, who are a whole lot of fun, great cooks, and who are open honest intelligent caring people – I could not imagine better neighbours, including the Pianist downstairs whose beautiful sounds filter up at times creating a peaceful atmosphere

To the trees and flowers, birds, sky and rivers and ponds and insects and the whole of nature which is a daily salve in my life, actually my saviour

To this lovely iPad and all the technology which makes life more fun, and to those who invent and make it all

For great films and TV and radio shows, and those who act in and make them, and a special thanks to the BBC and the other sites that make these available and advert free too

My friends who make life more bearable by being there to share with each other the being alive experience in all its ups and downs

To wise folks who write books that inspire me and remind me about things like gratitude and self compassion

For living in a safe part of the world where I can go out and expect not to be in danger

For my favourite huge chunk of nature in the middle of this city and very close by pollok park

For joy that music brings and for the endless variety of talented people out there that produce it

To places that hold a special familiar atmosphere, warm feelings and good memories, like parts of Fife, Ardfern and Busby woods

For cups of comforting tea

A monastery nearby to go stay for weekends and spend time learning new skills and also has great food

To Ranjits kitchen who feed me healthy food much of the week and allow me not to need to cook or do much shopping

To the ready supply of everything I need and the choice of shops nearby

For my car which takes me around in safety, comfort with good sounds

To the little plant in front of me which I’m enjoying watching grow and looking after

For having fresh air to breath and clean water in the taps, bin workers which remove rubbish, people who recycle, and a toilet which disposes of my waste so efficiently

To candles and the magical atmosphere they create


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