Random Acts

I needed to cheer myself up today after a few days of being in a mood slump. It has hit me hard having to let go of people, and it has been hard to come to accept that I no longer have a part to play in some people’s lives and vice versa. Also my beloved dog is nearing the end of her life and I have a lot of sadness about letting her go. I let this sadness have space to be felt recently, cuddled myself up with lots of self compassion and it is time to put my attention elsewhere for a while today. I read once that to help yourself, help others, so this is where I’m focusing for a while. It really thrills me the idea of being a part of positive change in the world, even in a small way. And I love the idea of helping people to feel better about who they are, and to love and appreciate themselves more.

So this morning I got bagging the first 10 self love books which I bought. I will leave anonymously around the place, in the park, in the playground, on a pavement…anywhere that someone will pick them up. I like the idea of letting the Tao decide who gets the book!

I would like to expand this and I am pondering how I can do this effectively. Perhaps set up a charity and raise funds to buy empowering books and distribute them anonymously? I love the idea of including ’emotionally intelligent parenting’ and ‘attachment parenting’ books, and sending them to expectant parents and self empowerment books especially written for kids sent to kids. I started doing this many years ago. When I left to live abroad in 1998, I bagged up all my self growth and spiritual books and chose random people in the phone book and sent them to them through the post. On reflection, I think direct mailing to a person’s home address is a little too invasive.

When my son was at school I bought 20 copies of a marvellous book called ‘The Emotionally Intelligent Classroom Workbook’ and sent them to his teachers anonymously with a  little note to say thank you for all their hard work. I could continue with this too. I am pretty sure these actions have planted a few small seeds at least.


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  1. How lovely and I hope you are feeling better with the distraction.

    I have a few times, when I used to write my deaf blog, did some giveaways there. It was hit and miss though in the end. I don’t know if it was because of people being dubious whether something I was giving away for free, they thought what was the catch. But the people who knew me the longest seemed to be the ones that accepted the giveaway when their name was drawn. I loved doing this, knowing that the person who was to receive it would take great pleasure in some way the giveaway they received.

    My blog I now write, I plan to do a book giveaway soon, at some point. So I am hoping when further details are announced on my blog, that it will prove popular. The first giveaway I have in mind will be books. Both new and of the same. ( I have 2 to giveaway when time comes.)
    I may later do another book giveaway, which will be a second hand book, but like new, if the first proves popular.


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