On a More Positive Note…

I have been feeling the urge to spread the love I have been feeling and I have been enjoying observing the routes that it wants to take ‘out there’. I don’t believe in an ‘out there’, I am the out there and the out there is me. And expressing love out there is expressing it towards myself. So here’s what I have come up with so far. I have bought, as a small start, 10 books on how to love yourself. I plan on distributing these to some people ‘out there’, anonymous ones.

Once when I was in the park there was a book in a plastic wrapper that had on it, ‘Free Book, please take me home and read me’ and it was so lovely to come across. I think this might be a nice way to do it. Each day just leave one self love book with that sort of message. I am thrilled by the idea that someone gets a book on how to be kinder to themselves when they may never even had the thought that it was possible.

My sense is that the vast majority of us could do with loving ourselves more. The benefits are enormous for ourselves and others we interact with. Once we have taken even just a few steps towards including ourselves in our love, the benefits immediately become apparent. We get over the initial awkwardness of facing the painful feelings around ‘not deserving’ such love by continuing with self kindness anyway. We notice and move past the critical inner voices that have become a habit, and start talking to ourselves nicely as we would a friend. We notice how we have been depriving ourselves of nurturing and kindness or even punishing ourselves in so many small ways. It hurts to notice but we can start to put new ways of being towards ourselves into action right away.

Off to find some sealable bags and a waterproof marker….

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