Get the Intention right!

Well it turns out the guy wanted to work for me for 2 years during which time I would show him the ‘inner workings’ of how to run this company, then he wants to set one up himself just like it (and in competition with me). Leaving me to find somebody else to take his place and with a new well trained competitor! Such a fat ego that he didn’t mind telling me that without a clue why that would sound unattractive to me. I explained and he got it and I said goodbye.

Now I see that last comment I made about a sneaky fear hiding in there was true. I was very quick to act on seeing him. And that is because there was a little fear lurking that if I don’t act right away I might lose him to someone else. But all is not lost.

As a result I have further developed my idea of what I am looking for, and know what I don’t want. Thoughtforms or intentions are highly creative, they manifest pretty much as we have made them. I only asked for talent and a degree in LA. I have now added ‘needs to be a team player offering loyalty and looking for a long term position’ to the thoughtform. Done! Lets see who else turns up now.

The other thing I want to mention that I have noticed in myself is that I can get a little overexcited when using the Force/feeling it. I can get a little giddy like a kid and lose my balance. There is a rising inner tension when you span the invisible and the manifest worlds at once…this needs to be handled wisely. The old teachers advised solemnity and I think this is because that balance can be lost the more one ‘wings’ it.

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