A Wee Personal Update

I am still in a balanced, harmonious, stable space and I am now getting more used to being happy and settling down with it, it doesn’t feel quite as dangerous as it did at first or as boring. The sense of danger in being happy is still present however, and I notice it though its grip is lessening dramatically.

Each day is filled with many moments of joy and celebration and the smallest events, sights and happenings can bring tremendously nutritious gratitude, awe and a feeling of unity with everything! I find myself moved to dance in my living room in wild and flowing abandon!

I am loving looking after myself, and for some months now breakfast is a berry and banana smoothie, no milk and it keeps me going till the afternoon. I barely have any meat nowadays, as I can hear what the body is asking for, and it doesn’t like meat. I have lost some weight too since January, about 5 pounds. I am not trying very hard, but do want to trim up a little to feel a bit lighter on my feet.

I am in heaven when I enter my bed in the evening, and I am sleeping so well too. Each day starts with gratitude for my sleep, for my comfort and cosiness, and then a few moves of my ongoing scrabble games online. Then a delightful swim where I usually have the entire pool to myself, like I did this morning. There is something magical beyond words submerging into still clear warm water and moving around gently in it. And I have a daily nature immersion experience in the woods by the river walking the dog, and it is also great exercise.

The dog is well, and she is wonderful company all day. My lovely son is thriving in Spain, and is getting on with an independent life now, exactly as it should be. I see my mum regularly and she had a big accomplishment on Sunday at a little concert I invited her to, she got up and sang for the first time in her life in front of an audience. I get regular invitations several times a week to join my next door neighbours for dinner and drinks and fun chat. They are great company, easy going and non judgemental.

I am so grateful that I have this job which I love, for my clients, and my team of fantastic men. The projects keep on coming in and my bank balance is looking healthier than ever.

There hasn’t been much drama though an old friend walked out mid discussion calling me rude last week. We were discussing poverty and its eradication. I don’t follow the typical left wing line that she does, and we can clash. I was fine with it, a little shocked and mainly just detached, I know people are going through their stresses, and I know humans can be quarrelsome, including me. Anyway I invited her to a ‘Take 2’ of the evening and it was received well. So easy to resolve disputes when there is not much investment in any particular outcome and no defending of anything.

Just wanted to check in and say thank you out loud for the daily miracle of my life.





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