Its the simple things….

I would like to share what gives me the most joy each day. Yes I do enjoy my work, I have a creative job and love creating beautiful spaces for my clients (here’s my website). I enjoy meeting up with friends too and having a good deep chat, I like shopping and going out for meals.

However it is when I am in the park in my welly boots squishing through mud, feeling the texture of it that I am the most happy in my skin. By far. Splashing in the river with the dog, and the natural opiates are released into my brain. I feel high on fresh air, the sounds of the birds, the sight of trees and hedgerows.

Nature is full of secrets. You just have to watch the way a leaf gently drops off its branch in autumn to learn how to let go. Or the way that water flows around obstacles, nature is full of good advice if we are open to it.

It has shown me that no matter what drama I have been going though mentally or emotionally, the trees are always there standing, the ducks are still swimming, the river is flowing. There is a constant underlying and untouched by my dramas. Nature whispered to me to feel the quiet centre within.

Here is a picture of the dog and I playing catch the splashes this afternoon standing in the river.


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