Bursting through the ‘Upper Limit’

I am so glad I found this phrase ‘Upper Limit Problem’ last night, it just so concisely describes what just about everybody is up against in some area of their lives. Most of us don’t realise that we hold ourselves back due to reaching the upper limit of what we are comfortable with in terms of the abundance/health/joy/peace/wealth etc.

I wonder how much of the  unequal distribution of abundance/health/joy/wealth that is so apparent in our society can be attributed to our own beliefs about what we feel we are comfortable with or deserve.

I see the girls going into the private school nearby and I am pretty certain that very few of them are going to end up in a crummy bedsit in a rough area with a high crime rate with no qualifications and a poorly paid job in a factory and an unemployed husband. I am not sure the education they get at that private school is all that better than a state school.

I suspect that the success that most of them will enjoy in life is far more to do with having being brought up with a high level of expectations in their conditioning, in some areas of life at least. Of course some will come from unhappy families with terrible marriages that will effect their expectations and upper limit of happiness in that department perhaps.

Anyway, it is becoming more and more clear to me that people (beyond a certain age of course) are where they feel they deserve to be, including myself.

Here is a blog entry that came up when I Googled ‘Upper Limit Problem’

And this is the book (which I havnt read yet) where the phrase comes from




  1. Cool concept! Thanks for sharing. It is good to have a word for this phenomenon to make it more graspable. Your discussion of this is inspiring me to ask myself where I have been limiting myself and where I could allow more love and abundance into my life.

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