Ignoring Advice to Myself

Well last night I did, and experienced the consequences of such self abuse. The other day I wrote about leaving some people behind, especially relatives, in the perhaps rather unkindly titled post ‘Cutting Out the Dead Wood’. I was invited recently by a lonely depressed uncle to the cinema. I avoid this guy usually because he is has a critical and judgemental nature. I agreed to go though I didn’t feel fully aligned with that decision inside, but hey ho….that old habit of giving priority to the needs of others before oneself. Good old Christian indoctrination makes it a holy event to put others before yourself.

It was just awful. Before he had even got his car out my driveway he was cursing furiously and hissing about the poor design of the drive, then he was furious about some woman on her phone crossing the road, and then during the film itself, well! He didn’t like the film and huffed and puffed his way through it and sighed very vocally out loud and shuffled about restlessly and threw himself back in his seat repeatedly in annoyance. It was an ordeal. I asked a few times if he wanted to leave but no. I sure as hell did, and even considered just walking out and going home myself without saying anything. But that would have created a family drama, and my mother would have got involved.

So, lesson learned?! Maybe next time I will politely decline.

The film was Star Wars by the way, and it was fantastic!

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