The Thing I Forgot To Love

I didn’t write this, the author is an anonymous person called ‘Me’ on Facebook.

“The Thing I Forgot To Love

You are doing alright, even when you think you’re not. More accurately, you are doing perfectly.

The truth is, we’re all in the same boat. None of us have it all figured out; none of us really know what’s going on here. It’s just that, some of us are quite skilled in sounding like we know something, when really, we are all living moment by moment in the chaos and uncertainty, the same as everyone else. No human being is immune to the tender ache of sorrow or the unforgiving claustrophobia of despair. There will always be the knocks and the bumps, that give you no time at all to recall those grounded nuggets of wisdom you were so sure would save you next time. We stumble and fall flat on our faces so many times, that at some point we have to consider: perhaps this is it? Perhaps this messy, confusing, sometimes humiliating business of being a human being is the thing I forgot to love?

In those moments of crushing defeat or surprising irrationality, have all those lofty spiritual ideals of avoiding, correcting or deleting parts of our reality actually saved us from ourselves? Or have they only served to lead us further away from the truth when we fail to live up to them? We are unfailingly talented at turning a nice idea into another dream of not being who we really are.

What if, that terrifying fear of having to suffer soul crushing, unbearable agony … what if, that’s part of it too? What if the unforgiving destitution of loss is what it means to truly live also? What if this, so called ‘enlightenment’ is just being able to live, hand in hand with the knowledge that, like every other living being, we could be brought to our knees in an instant … and still bear the unbearable, like we always have? Not because we deserve to suffer, but because we deserve to wholeheartedly live.

So, when neurosis gets the better of you or your best intentions of being a ‘better person’ get blown out of the water by a sudden attack of righteous indignation – open your heart and welcome yourself to the human race.

This is true love … and you won’t be to able help but share it”.


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