Been a while…

Yes, there are just times when so much is swirling away, cooking and incubating inside, and all that if familiar is thrown into disarray that I just have very very little to say for quite a long time.

Now I feel an urge to write again. Perhaps to consolidate what has been going on for myself and as a grounding exercise as the familiar way-points are fewer and fewer.

I don’t know if this common among 50 year olds but I seem to be changing a LOT. I have become quieter, and no longer feel compelled to seek out company as was my lifelong habit. I am gradually becoming less and less afraid of peace, and allowing an opening up to the adventure of stillness. It is terrifying to me, and I understand why I have spent so much of life running and running, staying busy, distracted, active – anything but being in this. actual. present. moment.

Walt Whitman

“Give me solitude — give me Nature — give me again, O Nature, your primal sanities!” Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass


  1. Happy New Year! I am happy to hear from you again. How are you? Allowing inner peace and stillness sounds good.
    I am just back from a walk in the forest here and I realize how much I need these times in nature alone. It is so good for sinking into the now moment.
    I hope all is well with you. I wish you all the best for the new year.
    Peace, love and blessings,

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