Resistance to Mindfulness

Sitting on the meditation cushion this morning I noticed how eagerly this mind moved to provide reasons that I should not be there and that I should instead be doing something more urgent and suddenly oh so very important instead. I watched and noted and rested with each suggestion, and also noticed the huge temptation to ‘obey’ and get up and go and do what the thought had suggested. Even some thoughts had a little blackmail attached to them such as ‘If you don’t do that drawing then the client will be angry with you’. So I am learning to rest with whatever thoughts arrive, and to let them be, and then they pop off again and the next one arrives.

1 Comment

  1. oh yeah….that one. The Thinking Mind…on and on and on it goes. How awsome you didn’t give in 🙂 I love it when the blackmail comes with it. Really testing dedication


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