Building Resilience

I have experienced a few setbacks recently that might even 6 months ago have sent me into a state of anxiety and fear for my future. Now when I find myself suffering, the kindness and compassion I embrace myself in, soothes and brings a calmness no matter what seemingly adverse events are happening externally. Im not saying the events dont evoke fear, they do. But it doesn’t get the same grip on me as it’s momentum is interrupted when self compassion is applied.

The threat detection part of the brain has it’s process interfered with when the heart doesn’t get shut down as it does when fear takes over. This ability that we all innately have to soothe ourselves and calm our activated threat detection system is what builds resilience in the face of adversity. I didn’t get a big project I had worked hard on, and when I found out it was more of an ‘oh well’ rather than an ‘Oh Fuuuuck’ panic response. A calmness remains even as I feel the disappointment and sadness and a tinge of fear. Self compassion  allows the emotions that arise to be felt and experienced fully, without shutting the heart down. I feel so very grateful that I discovered this tool. It works!

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