The sky still isnt falling in…

No its really not, and part of me is surprised that this wellbeing just continues for as long as I remain present and refuse to let my thoughts drag me off into worrying, or getting annoyed about people and what they have done or said.Well not exactly refuse, but when I notice the thoughts going off on a trip into worry, I bring myself back to the present and into my body.

These types of worry thoughts usually torment me, and make me take life very personally INDEED. Like it’s a personal attack and threat what others do or don’t do, say or don’t say or how external events unfold in my perceived favour or not. I end up in frantic solution thinking and trying to defend myself, wee me, all separate and alone. Not true that.

So yes I got a tinge of nervousness about this ongoing inner stability I am experiencing. Which might seem a strange response to an experience of wellbeing, but the thing is, I’m just not used to it. Peace that is. I never wanted it in the past, I considered it boring and preferred drama and inner conflict. I’m delighted to say that now I am in the early stages of falling in love with inner peace and learning to trust it.

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