Sinking into non-separation ahhhhh…..home.

Fabulous mindfulness class last night, and extra turbo power received from practising mindfulness with a group. I have no idea how or why this works, but it could be that the non duality experienced when being fully present alone is actually demonstrated in reality when meditating with others as they don’t feel so ‘other’ any more.

I’m familiar with the state of non separation, being a long-term devotee of nature. I have almost daily taken myself to trees and river and melted into them, transported and mesmerised silent by their beauty and the wonder they invoke in me. The non separation seems to just arise by itself when we are undistracted by the conceptual thinking of the brain.

We don’t seem to have to do anything other than rest deeply with whatsoever is happening right now in this moment to enter a space inside devoid of conceptual thought. We don’t have to comment on what we are experiencing, just simply notice it and bring ourselves (perhaps using the breath or the sounds we hear) back to the present moment. Open spacious awareness is always here to welcome us home. That’s what it feels like to me, coming home to a safe place.

So the thoughts and that come randomly and constantly….there is nothing to do with them. I used to notice a thought and feel guilty for having it if it was a nasty one about someone else. I don’t now and that is a great relief. There is no point in adding to our own suffering. So this is what I do now, over and over and over. Fearful thought? rest with it. Angry thought? rest with it. Pain in the body? rest with it. Life has got a whole lot more simple. That is all I have to do now!

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  1. I love the quote in the picture. ‘Angry is just sad’s bodyguard’.
    That is so true.
    When I sit with anger, and after it has dissolved, a layer of sadness appears below it. Like in an onion.


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