When life stops you in your tracks

I was worrying. Thoughts of possible future problems and thoughts about how I can avoid  disastrous outcomes filled my mind. One after the next and I was caught up in the stories my mind was generating as if they were real.

I didn’t even take in the beauty of the park I was driving through and I came to the exit, having missed it all, the trees, the horses, the sun. Sat at the traffic lights, still thinking away. And sat there, and sat there. 10 minutes went by. The traffic lights had stuck at red!!

I had to turn round and drive back through the park to the other exit. This time I came fully into my body, felt the seat supporting me, my hands on the steering wheel and breathed consciously. Being present I noticed the beauty as I drove, the sun and shade patterns, the birds, the gentle gliding movement of the car. A totally different experience.

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